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Let us begin by telling you who we are…

WebREPS is pioneering a change in the way manufacturers bring their HVAC-R products to market.  The traditional system is a bottom up approach, where the manufacturer through a national sales manager introduces products to the market.  He commissions regional sales teams, who in turn promote the product to national or regional HVAC-R wholesale organizations.  They will purchase in volume and ship to regional warehouses who in turn supply local wholesale stores.  The HVAC Contractors who utilize the supply houses then promotes and markets the product to his public or business customers.  The problem is that this often takes months or years before the “customers” become familiar with the product.  Add to the fact that the wholesaler “cherry picks” the product line and does not carry all available sizes and styles.

WebREPS though a “Top Down Approach” provides: product documentation, spec sheets, installation instructions, service manuals and brochures over the internet to the end users.  We provide multiple, 24 hour, online, eCommerce shopping portals.  Our technical sales back-up through email and toll free phone communications to our on-staff HVAC Licensed Contractors is unequaled.  Contractor sponsored sales, B2B direct sales, internet (super highway) bill boards and direct to the HVAC contractor sales married to our complete product offering from the manufacturer (every size, every color, every option) is our claim to fame.



To provide a viable internet approach to marketing HVAC-R products to the related industry customer base and public.
Providing an alternate but not disruptive marketing and sales avenue to complement existing distribution channels plus open up new markets to the HVAC product manufacturers, and give them more control over their products sales.
Thereby making information, products and marketing opportunities available throughout North America and the Caribbean.



After 10 years as a HVAC Contractor , 20 years a salesman for a HVAC-R Large Wholesale distributor, and 1 year marketing HVAC products retail over the internet, I discovered a vacancy in the existing system of HVAC-R wholesale distribution.

We were a bunch of dinosaurs, still following the master plans set up in the 30’s and 40’s.  Our industry was not utilizing todays tools, everyone was engrained and mired in the “old” ways and couldn’t make any breakthroughs or innovations because of the loads of baggage we (in HVAC distributing) were carrying.

I decided to start fresh and build a marketing and sales organization by today’s standards.  Utilizing my contacts, I pulled together a team of both older (experienced) and younger (technologically savvy) individuals.

Surround Yourself With Those On The Same Mission As You!

 Used some tried and true business principals I admired:

And we now have almost a million individual pages of information available on the internet, 4 major sales portals, 30+ superhighway billboard sites, and provide HVAC products and Heat Load & Duct Design services to North America, the Caribbean, and Hawaii.

As a bonus at 62 I’m having more fun than I ever have and wake up with a bounce every morning.


Den Walker
Managing Partner and CEO



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Managing Partner & CEO
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Manual J & Duct Design
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